Public Liability Insurance for Mobile DJs

Public Dancing Dangers

You have worked a long time to become a professional mobile DJ and have put a lot of money, time, and effort into building your sound equipment, your business, and your reputation. Stop for a minute and consider what it would mean to lose everything you have, in less than minute.  Think it can’t happen?  Think again.  If you don’t carry mobile DJ public liability insurance all it takes is one unexpected and seeming small accident and your equipment could be gone, sold off to pay the injured persons medical bills and compensation, and your career would be over leaving in debt for the rest of the bills that the sale of your equipment didn’t cover.

Here are just some of the reasons, why carrying public liability Insurance is important:

Trips And Slips On Wiring

As a professional DJ most of your equipment is run by electricity making it necessary to have cords and wires to plug in your equipment. While you try and keep these cords and wires out of the areas where the guest or the public have access to, it isn’t always possible to do so. In fact, most accidents involving mobile DJs and their equipment involve someone tripping over or slipping over wires. Should a person injure themselves because of the wires or cords from your DJ equipment you could be liable for medical bills and compensation. Without public liability insurance, the cost of one injured person could well put you out of business for good.

Falling Equipment

Another potential hazard involving the public injury due to your equipment is lighting or speakers that are hung in order for everyone to hear the music or see the lighting show. Guests at the event you are entertaining at, have been known to crash into equipment or walls and dislodge some of this equipment. Falling equipment could seriously injure someone, and no matter how carefully you set this equipment there is always the chance the unthinkable will happen again leaving you liable for the injuries and the resulting medical bills and compensation.

More Work For Your Services

One benefit of public liability insurance that many DJs don’t consider is that you may actually have the opportunity of more gigs. The fact is, that many venues set rules that prohibits people who rent the venue from hiring anyone who does not carry liability insurance. This means that DJs who do not carry this insurance or enough insurance simply won’t have the opportunity to perform in certain venues, which require this as standard.

How Much Will Insurance cost?

Public liability insurance for a mobile DJ can cost as little as £30 to £50 a year, which is an extremely small price to pay to save your business, your reputation, and piece of mind.

Looking for DJ insurance?

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