Create A Marketing Plan For Your DJ Business


Running a professional DJ service takes more than simply buying your equipment, building a website, and opening for business. To be successful you need to put together a strategic marketing plan that will help you to effectively market your business to potential clients.

A marketing plan usually runs between a year and five years and developing one takes time, preparation and money. However, if your marketing plan is sound and effective it will be well worth the time and money you invest in it.

Identifying Your Market

The first step in creating a well thought out and functional marketing plan is identifying the market you are trying to reach. While this is relatively easy for you as a DJ to do you still need to consider such things as the age range of your market and the type of events that will be most suited to your DJ business. For example, if your business is geared around playing the latest music selections you are not likely to want to target people looking to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. So start by focusing on the audience you want to reach and the type of events that your specific audience is likely to hire your services for.

You are also going to want to include as part of your marketing plan the building of strategic alliances. This means you are going to need to put yourself out there and start networking with other businesses that are targeting the same general audience, but won’t be directly competing with you. For example, if weddings are on your list of events that you are going to want to provide services too, then start networking with wedding and event planners, limousine services, and caterers. When you form alliances with other businesses that compliment yours this allows you to work with these other businesses to help both or all your businesses grow by:

  • Doing cross promotions and recommending one another to each others clients
  • Creating all inclusive packages together (which saves clients money and profits you all)
  • Offering collective discounts to clients

For example, if a wedding planner, a limousine service, a catering company, and your DJ service form a strategic alliance then when a couple contacts a wedding planer about their services, the wedding planner can offer the couple a package deal that includes all these services for less than the couple can hire them separately. Couples are likely to jump at the chance to save money on wedding expenses and each member of the alliance takes a small cut in profit to deliver the “package.” The cut in profits each businesses takes is normally made up because each business gets more business over a period of time than they would if they each tried to gain these clients separately.

Forming and using strategic alliances effectively is one of the greatest untapped resources available to building an effective marketing plan. Even if a customer doesn’t “buy” a package deal, your alliance partners will readily recommend your services if ask by a customer as long as you are willing to do the same. These alliances also means that you and the other members of your alliance can use your websites to recommend one another giving each other free advertising and publicity. It really is a win win situation.

Free Publicity

Another part of a well thought out marketing plan is finding ways to get you and your business free publicity. The more people who hear of your services the more likely you are to attract new clients. This free publicity may include donating your services for a wedding fair or a charity event, or simply agreeing to play in a charity goal or basketball tournament to raise funds for an important cause. Not only does these types of events or activities get your business name in the paper, but it also builds trust with the public which helps your business immensely.

While a strong marketing plan does take a lot of thought and effort and some money on your part in the end it is the best and most efficient way to increase your business and ensure that it succeeds.

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