5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Market Your Mobile DJ Business

Marketing Your DJ Business

As someone who runs a mobile DJ business, it can be hard to market your services if you don’t know how. You’ve tried telling your friends and family about your business but not everyone requires the services you offer. There are, in fact, a lot of ways in which you can market your business to those who are in need of it.

1. Partnering with other businesses

Several businesses revolve around organising multiple services. A wedding planner, for example, would need to organise the catering, reception, but also the music. Having a conversation with these wedding planners and explaining to them what you can offer them could end up in a long-lasting partnership and you’ll get your name out there.

2. Online advertising

Nowadays everything revolves around the internet. Paying for advertisements online could cause for a huge increase in popularity and people will start remembering your name because they’ve seen it so often. These advertisements don’t have to be expensive, in fact, they can be quite cheap. For example, Facebook advertisements can start from only £1 per day and you only pay for it if your advertisement actually received views and/or likes.

3. Sponsorship

Not every business will be attracted to this but it’s a popular way to receive an audience. Just like the Olympics host certain businesses on their terrain (for example McDonalds) you could offer your services to events in your area. You would be able to show the audience what you can do and make them remember your name, and the business hosting you would have great music. It doesn’t matter if the events aren’t big ones. If you play at these events people will start to know you, opportunities will offer themselves to you eventually.

4. Offering a discount

People are prone to discounts. When they see a discount they can’t help but feel like they need whatever it is that’s on discount. It doesn’t even have to be a big discount, as long as there’s a small discount people will be attracted. You could promote this discount by putting an advertisement in the paper or hanging up leaflets in your local supermarket. You could even use the online advertisements mentioned above to promote this discount.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s leading website for videos. Anybody is able to post almost anything on the website and they can easily get exposure without putting in any real effort. As a business, you can choose to invest some money on advertisements on YouTube. You could upload videos of some of your performances so that people will know who you are and what you can do. You can easily get thousands upon thousands of views with the right content and exposure.

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