What Is A Mobile DJ?

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There are many occasions in life when an event calls for music, and that music is supplied by mobile DJs whose profession it is to bring music to a variety of different venues to entertain hosts and their guests and add an extra element of fun and entertainment to various activities. Clearly understanding what a Mobile DJ is and the type of service they provide, will help those new to profession make decisions about their own services.

A mobile DJ service is just what it sounds like, a service run by a DJ, someone who owns a compact and portable sound and lighting equipment that can be easily and quickly removed from location to location. The equipment also needs to be able to set up and taken down in a short period of time, while still providing a wide variety of music to meet the guests overall likes and requests.

Own Music Equipment

Mobile DJs own their own sound and lighting equipment. Often adding to or updating their equipment from their profits. At each stage in a DJs career they need to buy the latests equipment they can afford to keep up with the changes in the music and in the business they are in. High quality equipment can make the difference between getting a lot of jobs or simply the occasional gig.

More Than Just Music

Today people who hire DJs want more for their money than simply someone who plays the recorded music. They want a DJ who can make announcements, occasionally act as a MC for certain events and who can include some type of lighting show as part of their audiences experience. Today’s mobile DJ needs to have more to offer the people that hire them than ever before, in terms of both personal service and showmanship that matches the occasion and place where the DJ is performing.

Where Do Mobile DJs Play

As a mobile DJ you may be hired to play at a number of different places and for a variety of events. DJs can often provide their services for wedding receptions, engagement and anniversary parties, school discos, birthday parties as well as seasonal events (such as Christmas parties). DJs are hired to play at various corporate events and grand openings.

Cross Between Entertainer and Business Owner

One thing that most new mobile DJs don’t take into consideration is that a mobile DJ is not just an entertainer, but they also needs to be an astute business personal as well. In most cases, DJs run their own businesses, often a one man or two person business so they need to not only be able to handle the performance aspect of the job, but also the business end as well including contracts, setting appointments, and selling your services. However if you don’t want to become a business owner, working for a DJ agency or a multi-op DJ company is an option you may wish to consider.

Being a mobile DJ can be a fun and rewarding career, but it does require a great deal of work, effort and determination to become successful.

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