The Online DJ Podcast – Ben Stowe On DMX

DMX Lighting Control

DMX can be one of those things that at first baffles you, but if you can get your head round a few simple concepts it can add a whole new dimension to your light shows. So our questions today explore the area that is DMX;

What actually is DMX?

What is the concept behind dip switches?

Is there really a difference between microphone a DMX cable?

In this episode of The Online DJ Podcast, our guest is Ben Stowe from NFLX Professional, Who today will be talking to us all about DMX in particularly how we as DJs can better understand it.

Find out more about Ben at

ben stowe

Ben Stowe serves the AV industry as the President of NLFX Professional, an industry leading supplier of sound, lighting and video systems, a role he has maintained since founding the company in 1993.

Ben’s AV installs have been featured in almost every major industry trade magazine. He has assisted lighting manufacturers with product R&D, as well as contributing to the DJ industry through presentations at trade shows and articles for magazines in the U.S. and Europe.

Ben holds an electrical license as well as other certifications and accreditations, including the most widely recognized one in the AV industry, the InfoComm CTS.

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