Following Up With Potential Clients

Following Up With Clients

When your a working DJ, you spend a lot of time making contacts in an effort to get new gigs so that your business can grow. One of the more time consuming tasks you will face, is either handling face to face or phone interviews from potential clients who are looking to hire the services of a DJ. Oftentimes you spend a good deal of time with a potential client only for them to leave the interview or hang up the phone without making a commitment to hire your services.

This is to be expected since most potential clients will interview several DJ services before making a final selection regarding the DJ they intend to hire. Once that initial interview is over, you may or may not hear from that potential client again. While some will call or contact you to let you know if they have decided to hire your services or go with someone else, many may not. While some DJs may choose to just forget those potential clients, it is really much better for your business to follow up with those potential clients for several reasons.

  • Potential clients may not have yet decided on a DJ, and the fact that you cared enough to show interest and pursue their business, may just be the incentive they need to decide to hire you.
  • Some potential clients may have gotten so many quotes that they are simply feeling overwhelmed. Again your making up that follow up call, just might tip the scales in your favour.
  • A potential client may be leaning towards another DJ who might cost less, or offer additional services, and a follow up call may give you the opportunity to renegotiate or explain your services in more detail so that you can win the contract.
  • In many cases, a potential client will have all ready decided to go with another DJ and simply not given any thought to letting you know. In cases such as these, you have the opportunity of finding out why the other DJ service was chosen and can use that important information with future enquiries, don’t forget to wish them all the best with their event.

How to go about Following Up With Potential Clients

Not only should you follow up with potential clients, but there is a right way and wrong way to do so. If you received contact information to them during the interview, then send them a short note or email the day following the interview expressing your pleasure in meeting them. Then let them know if they have any other questions or concerns you will be happy to address them. Finally end by telling them that you look forward to hearing from them regardless of their decision. Keep the note short and completely professional.

Then if you haven’t heard any thing more in a week or so, follow up with a phone call. Clearly identify yourself and clearly state the reason you are calling including the day that you interviewed with them. Politely ask them if they have made any decision yet, and if they haven’t ask them if there is any other information you can give them to help make their decision easier.

If they tell you that they decided to go with someone else, then ask them politely if they would mind telling you what they based their decision on and explain that you are planning to use the information to improve your business.

While following up with potential clients may not get you every gig, it just may get you a few gigs and every gig helps, along with vital information that will allow you to improve your business.

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