Setting Your DJ Business Apart From The Rest

One of the most difficult things about the mobile DJ business is finding ways to set yourself apart from all the other companies that operate in your area. After all there is only so much equipment you can buy, and the music you play has to reflect the music people want to hear, so sometimes it can be difficult for potential clients and even yourself to be able to tell one DJ service from another.

So just how do you go about setting your DJ business apart to make it more attractive to potential customers so that your service will be their first choice?

Your Experience

One thing that will set your business apart is your experience as a DJ. Clients tend to hire those services where the DJ really knows their stuff, is able to match their patter comfortably to the type of event and who can solve problems in stride while being able to handle unexpected requests with the minimum of effort. The more experience you have playing a variety of different venues and dealing with different types of people, the better you will be at your career and the more that experience will shine through. If you have been in this business awhile then you already have gained some invaluable experience, although there is always something new you can learn.

Name Recognition and Reputation

Another thing that sets one DJ service apart from another is name recognition and reputation. Of course if you are an experienced DJ you will have already received recognition at least in some areas, which will help you to acquire some of your gigs. Reputation is built over-time and this covers a lot of different aspects of being a DJ including being on time, working with your clients to meet their needs, and providing them with a service that goes beyond their expectations. It does take time to earn a good reputation, but doesn’t take any time at all to destroy that reputation.


Not everybody wants to hire a DJ who just sits in the corner and plays music, your clients may like someone who is friendly and approachable, can interact with the crowd, takes requests and has a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure everyone has a great time.

Going The Extra Mile

Always go the extra mile for your clients and their guests, help out where you can, even if it’s something simple like moving a table or chairs it is showing your willingness to help. Don’t be one of those DJs that refuses to play one more song at the end of the night, playing an additional song can help show your passion for being a DJ and can help you end the night on a high.

The Price You Charge

While the rates you charge for your service can set you apart. It doesn’t matter quite as much as you may think. As long as you keep your prices in the ball park of what is normal in business, your experience, reputation, and personality is going to count far more than saving £5.00 or even £25.00 in the course of an evenings entertainment.

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