The Online DJ Podcast – Using The Microphone With Derek Pengelly

Using The Microphone

Using the microphone is one of those things that some DJs hate doing, that might be because they don’t like the sound of their own voice or simply don’t know what to say.

How can DJs improve their microphone skills?

Where should we be positioning the microphone when we use it?

How should we identify particular guests such as the bride as groom when using the microphone?

In this episode of The Online DJ Podcast, our guest is Derek Pengelly an advocate, mentor & trainer and experienced mobile DJs who giving us advice on how we can best use the dreaded microphone and improve our microphone skills.

Find out more about Derek Pengelly at

Derek’s Favourite Song (Opens In iTunes): Question (Full Version) – The Moody Blues

derekpengellyDerek Pengelly is a full time mobile DJ and master of ceremonies holding over 30 years worth of industry wide experience. He is now known in the industry as a wedding specialist with a reputation for commanding often up to 4 times the average DJ fee.

Derek is now a professional speaker, hosting a series of workshops and seminars set around helping DJs improve their wedding marketing skills.

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