The Online DJ Podcast – Social Media & Marketing With Mike Petritis


Marketing is a huge part of any successful business and a huge part of marketing now resolves heavily around social media.

What content should we post on social media?

Why is just focusing on sales posts not the best way to go?

How do Facebook’s algorithms work?

In this episode of The Online DJ Podcast, our guest Mike Petritis from Elix Marketing, will be answering these questions about interesting aspects regarding social media and marketing.

Find out more about Elix Marketing at

Mike’s Favourite Song(s) (Opens in iTunes): La La Land (feat. Delaney Jane) – DVBBS & Shaun Frank & Hey (feat. Afrojack) – Fais

mikepetritisMike Petritis is the president of Elix Marketing, their aim as a company is to allow small business owners and companies including Mobile DJs access to big marketing power through means of tools like social media.

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