10 Tips For Improving Your Sites Search Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation

As a professional DJ you may have a website for your DJ business. If you do, you know how important it is to have high search engine rankings for your website so that it is visible to people searching for the services you provide. There are many different ways you can increase your search ranking, we’ve listed 10 useful tips below.

Here are a 10 tips for improving your websites search ranking:

01. Speed of the site. You need to test and see how fast your website loads. Neither the visitors to your website nor the search engines want to visit websites that take ages to load.

02. Search engines and visitors to your site will appreciate well written content, not only does it help your search rankings but it will also portray your professionalism.

03. Avoid using too many images. Clients like to see your work, however search engines do not see any images, they only see the content in terms of words on your web page. If you’re showcasing a lot of images, a gallery page is recommended.

04. When using images use the ALT tag. Though search engines cannot see any images, you might want to show your potential clients images of your business services. In this case it is a best practise to use the ALT tag (Alt=” “).

05. Check your website for duplicate content. Search engines do not like duplicate content and may even penalise your website if you have any, this includes Meta Tags.

06. Use H1 and H2 Tags. When it comes to tags, search engines favour H1 and H2 heading tags over others. As a best practise be sure to only use one H1 tag per page.

07. Keywords. The content on your website must include relevant keywords. It is also important that you use a variety of keywords so that you can have more searches bringing visitors to your website. Remember, your content should be written naturally and not just full of keywords, don’t over do it!

08. Broken links. You need to check your website for any broken links and pages. Broken links and pages means that the visitors cannot get on to these pages.

09. Increase the number of quality back links. Back links play an important part in the ranking of your website. It is better to have these back links from relevant high authority sites, social media websites as well as other websites that are relevant to your business.

10. Up date the content on your website. Search engines like those websites that regularly have the content on their site updated frequently. Visitors and clients also like to see new content and it can keep them coming back.

You can monitor results of the visitors to your website by using Google Analytics. With this tool from Google it gets very easy to monitor your site and see exactly how many visitors your site is receiving, what potential clients are searching for and much more.

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