How Feedback Can Help Your Business

As a DJ people are going to comment on your performance, or the extras you supply during your gig. Some of this feedback will positive, some will be negative. Negative feedback can be both constructive and not so constructive, but listening to all feedback both good and bad and learning to accept that feedback can make your business stronger and make you a better DJ.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is great for a DJ to hear and lets you know what you are doing right. Of course when people repeat their positive feedback to others, this can get you more gigs and help your business grow. However, as great as it is to hear all of those great comments, you actually need that constructive feedback in order to improve your business and become the best DJ you can be.

Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback is normally a mix of positive and negative feedback based on a unbiased look at your performance. Customers or potential customers, may tell you:

  • About other DJs who offer more services for the same amount of money.
  • Tell you about additional services they wish that you offered.
  • Complaints regarding the type of music you played compared to what they asked for.

When you receive constructive feedback, this gives you the opportunity to review your business or your performance and decide how to best make improvements. When you choose to improve your business based on customer feedback you make your customers realise that you value them and their business. Improving your DJ business based on constructive feedback will help to earn a loyal following and in most cases the changes you make will actually improve your business.

Non-Constructive Feedback

Even the best DJ will receive what is called non-constructive feedback or unfounded complaints from time to time. Even though the customer make statements that are completely untrue and unfair, you still need to listen to and accept this feedback because the bottom line is that the customer was somehow unhappy. In some cases, they may have been unhappy about the services they received from you, either because they did not have a clear understanding of what would be provided or because they had unrealistic expectations. In other cases, the real reason behind their complaint may not have anything to do with the actual service you provided, and you are simply the scapegoat for something else going on with the client.

In either case, you need to treat the customer and their feedback in a professional manner and if possible, offer to make it right in some way, to earn your customers approval.

If the complaint comes after the gig is completed, you may want to offer a partial refund or to give them some additional services at a later date. Doing all you can to make unhappy customers feel good about your interaction even if you feel their complaints are unreasonable can earn you some goodwill that can do a lot to help you grow your business.

Just remember regardless of the type of feedback you get, to sincerely thank the people giving the feedback and use that feedback to make any necessary improvements.

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