DJ Tips To Help Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Whether you realise it everyone is subjected to noises constantly. DJs by the very nature of their work are subjected to long periods of loud music which over time can have a negative effect on your hearing and can in some cases even affect your hearing to the point that it could end your career. While your career choice doesn’t allow you to lead the quietest of lives, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things you can do to prevent suffering from hearing loss. However, the best time to prevent hearing loss is before it occurs not once you are all ready noticing problems with your hearing. So here are some tips that will help prevent the risk of hearing loss and keep you in business for the next 30 years!

Buy High-Quality Sound Equipment

As strange as it may seem there is a real difference in loud music and loud music. Most experienced DJs who have been in the business for several years will tell you that having a high quality and fine tuned sound system on which you play that music will protect your hearing longer than poor equipment simply because the difference in the sound quality has a huge effect on your hearing. Poor quality sound equipment actually distorts sound and can leave you with ringing ears long after the gig is over. Eventually this poor quality equipment can lead to you losing your hearing faster than high-quality sound equipment used over the same period of time.

Don’t Drink & DJ

Studies suggest that alcohol can temporarily effect how well you hear. This leads many DJs to crank up the music much louder than needed because the alcohol interferes with them being able to hear how loud the music really is. By avoiding alcohol while you are DJing you can better judge the real volume of the music you are playing.

Invest in Good Headphones

Spending a few extra dollars to invest in good headphones that isolates the noise outside of your DJ booth or station means that you don’t have to preview you music in as loud of mode. By being able to turn down the volume on the music you are previewing you are reducing the amount of noise your ears are subjected to during a gig.

Consider Ear Plugs

Many DJs don’t like to use ear plugs because they feel it negatively impacts their job performance. Even if you choose not to use earplugs while working a gig, consider wearing them for a couple of hours each day while you are not working. This will give your ears a much-needed break from noise in general, which may help prevent that hearing loss in the long run.

Take Needed Breaks

When working a gig most DJs take a short break during the course of the night. When you get these breaks try and go somewhere quiet to give your ears a brief respite from both the loud music and the noise in the club and the venue are playing. In addition, don’t become so enamoured with making money that you find yourself working 7 days a week, week in and week out. Try and take a day or two off each week, to do other things and give your ears a break from that loud volume they are subjected to on a regular basis.

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