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As a mobile DJ you have to realise that you conduct your business in an environment that can be high spirited, also your equipment is heavy and uses electricity. This means that you are quite at risk when it comes to someone getting hurt at one of your performances. Public liability insurance is one of those things that is a must for you as a mobile DJ. This insurance covers you from having to pay damages in case anyone gets hurt at one of your events or you cause damage to the venue.

Many venues require DJs to have public liability insurance for them to perform. This means that if you do not have any public liability insurance, you would be restricting yourself from being able to perform at those venues even if the organisers of the event want to have you perform. You have to also take into consideration that if you are held liable for any accident while performing at a venue the damages could be quite large so having public liability insurance is your safety net to cover these charges.

Benefits of Joining AMPdj

AMPdj is an organisation that supports DJs and the main reason for becoming a member is the public liability insurance. However there are many other benefits that come along with the insurance. First off, the membership fee is only forty nine pounds and it gets you 10 million pounds of public and product liability insurance.

You are also entitled to other benefits, the most important one being one area for enquires, which is free. You can also add other areas for an additional fee. The benefit of this service is that you can get a steady flow of enquiries which could be converted into business. This can be very useful to your business as a mobile DJ since there are new DJ listings appearing on the web almost weekly which diminishes the chances of your listing being spotted and selected by a client. The system used by AMPdj gives you the opportunity of contacting potential clients and being able to sell your services to them directly. You can also get an online PLI validator which lets the clients or the venues click through to your website and verify that you have insurance coverage.

AMPdj also offers you discounted equipment insurance which covers your equipment in case of accidental damage or theft. You also get free trials of programs as well as free web hosting which can be helpful to your business. With a membership with AMPdj you also get access to many discounts and offers during the year (including a free CD at the time of writing this review) and all this with helpful and friendly staff.

Public liability insurance is an important part of your business, not only to let you have peace of mind when performing but it is also necessary in order to be able to perform at some venues. When you get a membership with AMPdj you are not only covered with 10 million pounds of public liability insurance but you get to be a part of the largest organisation dedicated to helping and supporting DJs.

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