Pros & Cons Of Working For A DJ Company

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As a mobile DJ, you need to play a large number of gigs in order to make a living from your chosen career. Many DJs prefer to work for themselves, while others, especially those just starting out in the business, choose to work with a DJ company.

While there can be some great benefits from working for an agency or multi-op, there can also be some negatives to choosing such a career move. Weighing the pros and cons of working for an agency or multi-op will help you decide if this is a good idea for your individual working needs.

Pros Of Working For A DJ Company

Choosing to work for an agency or multi-op can have some huge benefits for DJs.

More Gigs
In many cases a DJ, especially a new DJ, can actually get more gigs when they work for an agency or Multi-Op, as agencies and Multi-Ops often have far more contacts to bring in gigs than an individual DJ does. So you may have the opportunity to actually perform more gigs than you might be able to get on your own. The more gigs you play, the more money you can earn.

Spend Less Time Trying To Get Gigs
While some Multi-Ops do require DJs to look for some of their own gigs or bring gigs into the Op, the fact is, that overall DJs have to spend less time working to try and get gigs than those who work on their own do. The agency or multi-op normally meets with potential customers, advertises the services, and do many other things to bring in the gigs.

Less Paperwork
When you work for an agency or multi-op you don’t have as much paperwork as you do when working for yourself. The agency normal handles the contracts, as well as any complaints by the customers. They also take care of paying each of the DJs.

Additional Support
One of the best benefits of working for an agency or multi-op is that you often have additional support. Not only are there other DJs, but there are some agencies, that allow DJs who work for them to use certain equipment owned by the company for gigs requiring special equipment that may not be part of a particular DJs equipment range.

Cons Of Working For A DJ Company

While some of the benefits of working for an agency or multi-op may sound appealing, you shouldn’t decide to work for someone else without knowing the cons of this type of working situation. Here are some of those cons.

You May Have to Work on Behalf and Represent the Company
In some cases, DJs don’t get to build much of a reputation of their own as they have to represent the company they work for and it is the company who earns the reputation for your performance. In addition, the agency or company may have certain rules you have to abide by including the type of music you may play, and other decisions that a sole DJ usually get to make.

The Amount of Work you get is Dictated by the Agency or Multi-Op
DJs who work for themselves are limited in the amount of work, by how much work they can drum up, when you work for someone else the amount of gigs you receive is decided by the company.

Less Control
When you work for a Multi-op or agency you have less control than when you work for yourself. You don’t get to set the price of your gigs, you have to give the company you work for a cut, and you can’t throw in extras without the agreement of agency.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are both benefits and negatives in working for someone else. You need to decide if the benefits outweigh the negatives in your situation when deciding whether to work for an agency or multi-op or go it alone, both options can equally be rewarding and beneficial.

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