6 Effective Ways To Advertise Your DJ Business

DJ Business Advertising

It has been said, that many DJs especially those just starting out actually spend as much if not more time advertising and promoting their business as they do actually playing gigs. This only makes sense since the only way to become a successful working DJ is for your business to become known and build a positive reputation within your area.

Here are 6 effective ways to advertise and promote your DJ business.

Build a User Friendly and Informative Website

In this day and age of advanced technologically more and more people are turning to the web to find out about goods and services. Building a great website that is informative and user friendly is the first step in successfully promoting your business.

When designing your website stop and consider who your ideal potential customers will be. Are you planning to cater to couples looking for a DJ to play at their wedding reception or anniversary party? Or would you rather perform for birthday parties, and school dances? Would you prefer to perform for corporate functions or are you wanting to appeal to a more general audience. Once you know who your target customer will be then you can build your website to include the information that will be of paramount interest to them.

Your Website Should Include The Following Things:

  • Relevant information: This includes where you are located, areas you cover, contact details, services you offer, how far in advance you can book, etc.

  • Informative articles: Your site should also offer informative articles covering such topics as “What to look for when hiring a DJ” and other pertinent information that visitors to your site will find of interest and will add value to their experience of visiting your site.

  • Pictures and short videos: Visitors to your site are looking for information about your services. Having pictures and short videos that shows some of what you have to offer and people enjoying your services are a real benefit.

  • Testimonials: People want to know about what others have to say about your services and what they specially enjoyed and whether or not they would recommend you.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your DJ business. Simply by connecting with others who may one day become customers and having friendly discussions you can built rapport with people. The key to effective marketing your business using social media, is to not try to sell yourself or business. Keep it friendly and share interesting posts with those on your followers. Then when some of these people mention getting married or attending some large upcoming party you can casually mention that you just played a gig for someone’s wedding or birthday party, or other event. You can even share pictures of you performing at various functions. Then when someone needs a DJ you will come to mind.

Get Listed on Niche Websites

DJs often overlook one great place to promote their business and that is on niche websites that is related to the kind of customers you are seeking. For instance if you enjoy playing weddings then getting your business listed on websites for wedding planners, sites for wedding favours or wedding apparel can help you to reach potential customers you have not have any other way of reaching. Some niche websites charge a small fee, others will exchange listing you on their website if you are willing to return the favour and list their business on yours.

Get Listed On Google, Yahoo and Bing

Search engine related websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing offer businesses like you a chance to get noticed by a wider range of potential customers than you might imagine. You can even appear on maps, and in directories for these websites.

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Online Web Directories

Online web directories are not quite as popular as they once were, still you might pull the occasional gig from being listed in a few of these directories so it may be worth your while.

Business Cards

Business cards are still one of the least expensive and most effective of advertising and promoting your business. Having a pile of business cards you can hand out every time you perform a gig at a charity or corporate event, wedding reception or birthday party gives you an opportunity to connect with dozens of upcoming customers. So make sure you keep well designed business cards on hand with all relevant contact details.

By promoting and advertising your DJ business effectively, you have the opportunity of getting more gigs and seeing success much sooner than if you forgo these forms of promotion.

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